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We will create for your child experiences that help them develop the confidence, resilience, and creativity they need to make their mark in the world. 



Our collaborations with world-leading institutions will help your child develop important life-skills through exciting global projects

The Juilliard School
Our collaboration with the world’s most renowned arts institution enriches our students’ love for dance, drama and music.
The MIT-Nord Anglia STEAM program helps our students to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills by tackling interdisciplinary challenges facing the world today.
Students are challenged to make a difference locally and globally by tackling the Sustainable Development Goals.


With a host of exciting extracurricular activities, your child can discover their talents, while developing their well-being, resilience and team-work.
P.E. supports our students' health and wellbeing and nurtures their leadership skills.

Physical Education is embedded into every student's schedule. Starting with fine and gross motor skills at age 3 to learning the skills of as many sports as possible, Athletics is a fun adventure that ignites passions. If students enjoy a particular sport, there is an extensive extracurricular offering which afford students the opportunity to play as part of a team. The three main sports at BISC-SL are Soccer, Basketball, and Volleyball. In addition to our state-of-the-art gymnasium, we also have an outdoor turf field with a beautiful backdrop of the Chicago skyline. Our students in Middle School and High School are encouraged to participate in our team sports through an inclusive approach. They learn the basic skills before developing more complex tactical play. Students develop their resilience, discover the meaning of sportsmanship, and commit to a cause greater than themselves. They play in the Chicago Area Middle Schools League and are a member of the Illinois High School Association.

Performing Arts
For many students, learning to play an instrument is the first time they truly find their “voice.”
Performing Arts
Performance, creation and theory are the elements that form the basis of our Performing Arts courses throughout the school and provide a strong foundation for students to access courses at a high level, both at BISC-SL and further, if desired. Embedded from age 3, these subjects are also supported by our Juilliard Collaboration. Students take part in special concept-based lessons throughout the year which are written by Juilliard specialists and encourage discovery-based learning linked to important pieces of music, dance and drama – allowing them to understand how the techniques they study in class apply to works by professionals in each field. They also have the opportunity to enjoy live performances from local Juilliard alumni to support their learning. We also have a strong extra-curricular program that affords students with opportunities to further explore their interests, including 1:1 music instruction, orchestra, choir, school production cast and crew, and competitive dance team.
Dance & Drama
Create professionally choreographed pieces both recreationally and competitively.
Dance & Drama


Under the guidance of expert instructors, students dance to their hearts’ content in the development of smaller pieces and larger performance routines. Auditions are not required, although consistent attendance is necessary to participate in competitions with the team.


Drama club is a wonderful opportunity for students to broaden their improvisation and acting skills, as well as grow their self-esteem by working from scripted materials, playing drama games, and writing and performing their very own scripts.

Outdoor Education

alpine expedition IN switzerland

Amazing Trips, Festivals and Excursions

Our global trips and excursions give students life-changing experiences and help them build bridges that last a lifetime.
Citizenship Expedition
High School students travel to the Arusha district as part of a two-week service learning trip during which they work on construction projects while also learning about sustainable development.
The Citizenship Expedition fosters a sense of global citizenship in students through service work with a local community. They engage in construction programs while witnessing first-hand the importance of sustainable development and environmentalism.
Global Games
The Americas
Middle School students compete with their peers from across The Americas region in a range of sports, aiming to bring as many medals home as possible.
Global Games
After participating in the opening ceremony with Nord Anglia Education schools from across The Americas, students discover the true meaning of teamwork and tenacity as they compete in a range of sports from archery to track and field, and swimming to beach volleyball.
Performing Arts Festival
The Americas
Middle and High School students, along with Nord Anglia students from across The Americas, are invited to learn from the best.
Performing Arts Festival
Students participate in this annual festival in collaboration with The Juilliard School. Immersed in performing arts, creativity, reflection, and teamwork, dancers, actors, and musicians discover new artistic possibilities and make new friends through engaging workshops, masterclasses, social activities, and professional performances.
Local & National Trips
Learning Outside of the Classroom
From Primary School, students learn beyond the classroom, enriching their education.
Local & National Trips
Our students visit local destinations of cultural and historical interest. They also participate in overnight trips, including class trips to Boston, Washington DC, and New York City as well as adventurous ski trips to New England, and camping in Wisconsin.


We will help your child find the best ways to look after their own well-being and develop resilience, so they have strong life skills to thrive.

Our students can access the Nord Anglia Education Global Campus online platform, which contains a wealth of resources on well-being and resilience to keep our students’ minds and bodies fit and flexible, ready to take on new challenges at school and beyond.

Mindfulness is embedded across our Primary and Middle School curriculum. This involves weekly discussion-based sessions with teachers where students reflect on themselves and their peers’ social, emotional, and mental well-being.



We believe it's important that your child understands how they can make a positive difference to their communities as global citizens.

Locally, we do this through our many community projects with NGOs in Chicago. Globally, our students engage in our social impact program with UNICEF, where they tackle some of world's biggest problems.

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